Residential and Commercial Air Conditioner / Heater Repair & Maintenance. Service Lakeland and Central Florida

Office and commercial heating and cooling services for:

Air Conditioning

J. Molnar Heating & Cooling technicians possess the extensive training that is required to handle the complex inspection, maintenance, repair and installation of today’s energy efficient air conditioner systems. If your current air conditioning system is operating poorly then contact J. Molnar Heating & Cooling for a full system inspection.

Heating Systems

J. Molnar Heating & Cooling performs heating services with the attention and urgency needed to ensure your work space is productive. If your heating system is not operating properly, employee productivity and customer satisfaction will suffer. Also, utility bills can soar from an improperly installed, poorly maintained or broken heating system. We respond to calls for heating system inspections, repairs and installations quickly and perform heating services that can ensure long-term cost efficiency and reliability.