Residential heating & cooling repair service

Sales, Service, Installation, and Energy Efficiency
J. Molnar Heating & Cooling Inc. provides heating and cooling service, including:
• Full system installations/change-outs
• Preventable Maintenance and repair
• Energy efficiency inspections and modifications
• Air duct inspections
• Thermostat installation

Air Conditioning
J. Molnar Heating & Cooling technicians possess the extensive training that is required to handle the complex inspection, maintenance, repairs and installation of today’s energy efficient air conditioner systems. If your current air conditioning system does not seem to cool as well as it once did then contact J. Molnar Heating & Cooling for a full system inspection. We can increase your cooling comfort with repairs, modifications or new units that provide the greatest value based on your unique situation.

Heating Systems
J. Molnar Heating & Cooling performs heating system services with care. If your heating system is not performing properly you won’t be comfortable in your home, nor will you sleep well. Also, utility bills can soar due to an improperly installed, poorly maintained or broken heating system. We respond to all calls for heating system inspections, repairs and installations quickly and perform heating services that can ensure long-term cost efficiency and reliability.





Residential and commercial air conditioner / heater repair & maintenance. serving lakeland and central florida.


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